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CNNCTD Market Research





I am a fourth year student in Kwantlen’s Fashion Design and Technology Program completing my thesis on a niche market collection.

Please take a few minutes out of your super busy day to help me with my market research! Please answer with your honest opinion. We are collecting market research for the production of our Fall 2013 menswear collection.

CNNCTD (con-nect-ed) united, joined, or linked

CNNCTD stands for innovation, efficiency and style. We strive to create an innovative future in apparel that would not have otherwise existed. A strong focus on efficiency drives functionality of all we design at CNNCTD. Refined style enhances the experience of the connection from one person to another.

CNNCTD provides tech friendly tailored performance apparel for the career and innovation savvy man on the go. He is looking for a modern way to carry his precious electronics to and from work as well as on weekends. Ideally the technology is integrated in his clothing rather than in a clunky briefcase or in-hand where it can be stolen or damaged.

He needs tailored performance jackets for Vancouver’s cold winter climate. With a trim muscular build, a slim fit is ideal. He is willing to invest in a jacket costing $700+ for he knows it will stand the test of time. Pants with specialized pocketing and details offer a space to store his gadgets once he takes his jacket off. High quality fabrics, durable construction and the exclusivity of the innovative design are purchasing triggers for this man. He is quirky and appreciates the finer details and hidden design surprises for solutions to his digital lifestyle.

It frustrates him when jackets do not have enough pockets or large enough pockets to fit his needs. New phone and tablet sizes must dictate pocket dimensions and functionality. Pockets suitable for iPads or transparent touch-sensitive pockets have yet to hit the mainstream retail market, and limited product can be found online. Anti-radiation fabric as a base layer protect his body from harm while allowing gadgets to function.

This digitally career focused man has a keen eye and high attention to detail. He is willing to invest in technology that benefits his life, in style and in function. While wearing high performance apparel technology he is aware of the inherent function, yet it does not impede his movement. The boutiques where he shops are small and are in touch with where the garments were made. He likes stores that carry a range of products so he can purchase his entire outfit in one trip. This man prefers to shop at boutiques where the shop owners take time to make a personal connection with him and seek out premium products to suit his needs.