TAILORED AND TECHNICAL; A fresh perspective on menswear.


VANCOUVER, B.C. –  Three up and coming menswear designers from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Serena Dulai, Danielle Holyk, and Harjit Thiara, introduced their graduate collections on April 17,2013. Each of their collections showcases clothing designed for specific Vancouver markets; from men with a digital lifestyle to men with different body proportions.

In their final year of completing their Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Technology, each designer has conducted research on their niche markets to identify the needs of men in Vancouver. In every garment the designers have integrated their findings to satisfy their clients.

Serena Dulai’s collection: Level Clothing makes the process as hassle free as possible for men below 5’7”, while still having fun. The collection is made up of business basics and fun statement pieces that can be worn in both the workplace and in everyday life. The pieces feature fine woolens, Italian suiting, and leather details.

“This season was inspired by photographs that Fred Herzog took in the late 1950s – many of which were of downtown Vancouver. I was drawn to the stark differences between the uprising of youth culture and the traditions of the older generations, which lead to the theme: Classic Rebellion” explains Serena.

Danielle Holyk’s collection: CNNCTD (con-nect-ed) provides tech friendly tailored performance apparel for the digitally career focused gentleman. CNNCTD stands for innovation, efficiency and style. Holyk’s debut line, CNNCTD, combines her efficiency of computerized pattern drafting and fabric innovation.

“The Vancouver technology industry inspired me to design an impactful
line of menswear. The simplicity of true
product functionality influenced my design
and development process,” states Holyk. The Fall 2013 collection of CNNCTD showcases the intricacy of pocketing details and clothing functionality. The garments are constructed from highly innovative technological fabrics to seamlessly connect the wearer with his various devices.

Fabric specifications include electromagnetic shielding properties to protect the body from harmful device radiation. Clear touch inner pockets allow full functional use of smartphones while inside the pocket. Multiple specialized pockets discreetly carry his smartphone and tablet allowing for hands free use. CNNCTD also features extra pockets for USBs, chargers and cord exits, perfect for the busy city man.

Harjit Thiara’s collection: Axl & Crane uses Savile Row techniques to accentuate the architecture of the sculpted body through innovation and creativity. Savile Row tailoring involves precision, a love for hand stitching and fine fabrics from English and Italian mills. The Axl & Crane client is looking for great fit, style, quality and personality through his clothing. Men with broader shoulders, chest and narrower waistlines make up the core clientele.

“Growing up in London has given me a quintessential European perspective on fashion and has influenced my final collection. With masculinity and sophistication, each piece is impeccably crafted for the creative individual who places importance on the way he looks and feels,” says Harjit. By using the finest of fabrics with a great palette of color and approached from a form and function design standpoint, the clothing offers a sophisticated confidence.

These three designers have worked throughout their creative process together and shared ideas to get feedback. During the production process they realized the precision required to execute each of their garments. Collaborating on a menswear photo shoot with photographer Matthew Burditt the designers were able to showcase their designs together.

These collections debuted at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond on April 17th.

THE SHOW 2013 Digital Media Kit

For more information about Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s THE SHOW 2013 please visit www.kwantlen.ca/theshow

For more photos of these collections please visit http://exchangeshow.ca/projects/ 

tailored and technical… click here to see more!


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